Project Description

Architecture is one of the oldest forms of human creativity. The need to find shelter has led to the creation of the most amazing structures. See some of the basics of what is needed to start designing architecture and view miniature models of some of the most famous architectural landmarks from around the world.

I.1: City in a Bag New York

New York City

I.2: City in a Bag Paris


I.3: City in a Bag Tokyo


I.4: City in a Bag London


II.1.a: Architectural Detail Template


II.1.b: Interior Design Template

Interior Template

II.2a-d: City Templets

City template

III.1: Skyscrapers


III.2: The Picture History of Great Buildings

Book Cover

III.3: How a House is Built

Book Cover

III.3:III.4 AIA New Jersey Guidebook

Book Cover

IV: You and Your Architect booklet

Book Cover

V: Mounted Blueprint


III.2: V. Mounted Blueprint elevation