Welcome to our Art Docent Page!

As an Art Docent volunteer, you will have the opportunity to bring artwork into the classroom to share with the students. You may choose to have a class discussion or do a related craft/activity. The possibilities are endless!

Your first step in the process is to contact your TIC TOC Representative to learn how to schedule a classroom presentation for your school. Once you have a date and time scheduled, it’s time to start planning your presentation.

  • Decide what you would like to bring into the classroom (painting or special collection). Refer to the Paintings Display Schedule and Special Collections Packing Schedule to determine which artwork will be in your school.
  • Use our website for valuable information! On the right side of each individual painting page, you will find links to museum or biographical websites with detailed information about the painting. In addition, some┬ápainting pages also contain project links with classroom craft ideas.
  • Keep it simple! No need to do an elaborate craft project. Many docents simply bring in a painting or two and lead a discussion. Sample questions to pose to the students include:
  1. How are these paintings alike? How are they different?
  2. What do you think is the title to this art piece? Why?
  3. How does this artwork make you feel? Happy? Sad? Excited? Confused? Curious?
  4. If the artist selected different colors, would it change the feel of the art piece? How?
  5. What time of day is this?
  6. What season is this?
  7. What was the artist thinking when creating this work of art?
  8. What shapes do you see?
  9. If you walked into this painting, where would you be?
  10. Do you think the artist is trying to convey a message?

Thank you for choosing to share your time and talent with our students! We could not do this without you!