TIC TOC Representative Responsibilities

TIC TOC Representative Responsibilities

Each of TIC TOC’s member schools has a volunteer representative, “Rep” who provides a critical communication link between the school HSA and the TIC TOC organization. The TIC TOC Rep role is ideally shared among several individuals. Reps and Docents are our most valuable assets!

  1. In September/October, educate parents about TIC TOC:
    • Ask to be a speaker at Back to School Night and give a brief overview of both the docent and performing arts programs. (Alternative: Ask Principal/HSA President to provide the overview.)
    • Ensure docent sign-up sheets are in each classroom and that class parents are on board to solicit docents for their class.
    • Prepare an informative email explaining the docent program and distribute to all families via class parents and/or E-Newsletters.
    • Provide an information / training session for interested docent volunteers. In addition, inform docents about the TIC TOC training workshop at the Ridgewood Library held in October and to follow and share on TIC TOC Docent Facebook page.

2. In September, contact Principal, Librarian and Art Teacher and send them:

  • A school specific version of the rotation schedule showing what paintings and collections will be in the school each month.
  • Information about the performing arts events for the coming year, including the information packet for teachers to use if available.
  • Follow up with them to discuss possible curriculum tie-ins and maintain ongoing communication to obtain feedback on TIC TOC’s programs.
  1. Attend monthly TIC TOC board meetings. (If you cannot attend, you must find a substitute representative from your school.)

4.  Attend monthly HSA meetings at your local school to share/promote TIC TOC’s latest news. Ensure TIC TOC is on the monthly HSA
  Obtain yearly HSA financial support by providing Donation Letter Request and following up.

5. Provide ongoing communication and support for docents throughout the school year.

    • Inform docents of upcoming workshops, special projects (i.e. poetry project), social events, & meetings.
    • Continue to solicit docents, in coordination with class parents, for classrooms in which no one has signed up. Send reminders and information to those who have signed up.
    • Provide assistance and support should issues arise with docent program.

      6.  Coordinate painting rotations and special collections pick