The short speech below is a suggestion of what you might say at your back to school night.

Feel free to read as is or to adjust to your comfort level and personal feelings.


Welcome. My name is ………….

I am a parent, a member of the HSA and our schools TIC TOC Representative.  Our HSA supports TIC TOC by making a contribution every year to maintain their membership in this wonderful organization.

This support supplies our school and 16 other area schools with a rotating collection of framed reproductions of masterworks of art and 18 special collections, many with authentic artifacts.  TIC TOC also supports a rich and vibrant offering of performing arts events in the area.

Over the years, we as members of TIC TOC, have enjoyed the opportunity to bring all of this into our children’s classrooms with the Art Docent program.

Parent volunteers from our school bring the artwork and/or collections into the classroom for class discussion and/or do a related craft or activity. Whatever that Art Docent feels will educate and or inspire the children, it’s up to them.  TIC TOC also provides workshops, support, and ideas for in class presentations and activities.  It’s an amazing opportunity and I hope you will all want to be a part of it. You will find sign-up sheets in every classroom which will be supplied by a current Art Docent or the class parent. The more Docents per class, the more parent participation, the richer the program. It doesn’t matter if you can only get into your child’s class once a month or once a year, you will love the experience.  Please consider signing up. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me …………..


You may also wish to insert a plea for help as Rep.  Here is a suggested plea.


As your TIC TOC Representative, I have many responsibilities, and like many Chairpersons under the HSA, having a Co-Chair and a few committee members, lightens the load.

  • As the art and special collections rotate, a volunteer is needed to remove the existing collections and replace them with the new collection. This takes approximately one hour or less per month. There can be one volunteer to do both or one for the art collection and the other for the special collection.
  • A Rep is responsible to go to the TIC TOC board meetings once a month. These are information sessions, where decisions and plans for the future of TIC TOC are made. Having a Co-Rep makes it easier in case one can’t make it.  They are generally held the first or second Thursday morning of every month at the Ridgewood Board of Ed.
  • Promoting the Performing Arts Events is also an area that can always use an extra hand thru posting provided flyers, using E-news, emails and social media.
  • A volunteer to attend the monthly HSA meetings with a committee report on updates concerning TIC TOC. If you attend the meetings regularly anyway, this is a great help. The meeting minutes and updates will be provided. You need only relate them to the members for their information and comments.